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A show called Things We Find Annoying? That show could go on and on and on. (People repeating themselves? #Annoying.) Here are more episodes of TWFA.

E5: Schmear of Flying

Air travel. So relaxing. So comfortable. So annoying. Hosts Lori Feldman and Frank Roche talk about the the turbulence that air...

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E4: Lima Beans and Clowns

Which is more annoying, lima beans or clowns? And what’s your scale of annoying? In this episode we talk about more...

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E3: Crinkly Packaging, Drug Ads and Paper Shuffling

Some guy was playing with his nuts in the theater. And that was annoying. They were pistachios in a bag. What...

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E2: Dryer Sheets, Unopened Pistachios and Uranus

You know what we find annoying? Dryer sheets that cling to Lori’s costume while she’s onstage. Nikita Kruschev. And the pronunciation...

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E1: There’s a Bee in My Bonnet

You can get a bee in your bonnet over anything. We do. After all, this is Things We Find Annoying. In...

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Connecticut Curmudgeons in Bea Athur’s Skort

We all get annoyed. For example, we asked some friends what annoys them and in a matter of a couple hours...

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Annoying People

Mouth noises. Lip smacking. Eating with their mouths open. Loud people.  Hell is other people.

Annoying Experiences

Getting off an airplane. Getting on an airplane. Flying on an airplane. Renting a car. Thanksgiving. 

Annoying Drivers

Can’t merge. Drive 5mph under the speed limit. In the left lane. Back into parking spots…at the grocery store


Show Hosts

They’ve been called the Nichols and May of modern podcasting. They’ve also been called Connecticut Curmudgeons, but they find that annoying.

Lori Feldman

Actor. Comedian. Social Media Maven. Lori finds writing her bio annoying.

Frank Roche

Cruxiverbalist. Deltiologist. Postcardist. Frank finds looking for a new photo annoying.

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Featured Guests

Are you kidding? Guests? Haha. We can barely stop talking long enough to let each other talk. But if we did have guests they would look like these beautiful and racially diverse people. culled from annoying stock photography.


Alexandra Landry

Product Manager

Liu Hebert

Journalist & Photographer

Mona Boudreaux


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