Yep, your guess is as good as ours about what the title means. And that’s annoying.

Meanwhile, hosts Lori Feldman and Frank Roche talk about a host of annoying topics:

  • Lori cuts her thumb with her Venus razor
  • Lori and Frank discuss using Crazy Glue instead of stitches
  • Frank asks Lori if she has any scars
  • Fran’s dad causes him to get a hernia
  • Frank’s dad sews up the family dog, Scooby Doo, with thread and sailing needles
  • Lori gets her tonsils out
  • A bachelor falls out of a bunkbed on The Bachelorette
  • Sitting in a “chlamydia hot tub” on The Jersey Shore
  • Dead goldfish
  • Dilly Dilly
  • Drugs commercials where they say, “We don’t know how this medicine works”


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