Connecticut Curmudgeons in Bea Athur’s Skort

We all get annoyed. For example, we asked some friends what annoys them and in a matter of a couple hours we had a list of more than 100 items. Here’s a sampling:

  • People who drive under the speed limit. Do you even deserve a license if you’re not going at least 5-7 over?!?!
  • People who chew or slurp in my general area
  • Clutter
  • People who leave their grocery carriages in the parking lot next to my car!! Or any car!
  • I rode in an actual cab the other day and was pretty astonished when he told me I still needed to pay as I was getting out of the car
  • People who clear their throats like an old man. Makes me gag every time.
  • People who back into parking spots. Like it’s some kind of special skill. Look at me I’m gonna get out of this parking spot 2 seconds faster than you. Just pull in you Fn dipshit
  • When the server at our favorite breakfast place brings my cup of coffee holding it around the top of the cup……use the handle!!

Now, imagine you had the time to talk about it. That’s what we’re doing.

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