Month: April 2018

E2: Dryer Sheets, Unopened Pistachios and Uranus

You know what we find annoying? Dryer sheets that cling to Lori’s costume while she’s onstage. Nikita Kruschev. And the pronunciation of Uranus.

In this episode, Lori Feldman and Frank Roche talk about those topics, plus:

  • Misheard lyrics
  • Icky kisses
  • Stubbing your toe
  • Tight pants
  • Spelling Bees
  • Unopened pistachios

You know what’s not annoying? Michael Avenatti. We’re asking him to come on the show. #basta


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Music in this episode: There’s a Bee in my Bonnet, Hello! by Nutmeg is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial License. Music sourced from Free Music Archive.


E1: There’s a Bee in My Bonnet

You can get a bee in your bonnet over anything. We do.

After all, this is Things We Find Annoying. In this inaugural episode of TWFA, hosts Lori Feldman and Frank Roche cover a wide range of niblicky topics, play the song There’s a Bee in My Bonnet, Hello! and basically find everything annoying — including the intro.


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Here’s a list of annoying topics with their associated time code:


03:10    People who say JIF for GIF

04:46    Bad nicknames

06:28    Mouth noises

07:50    Tuneless humming

11:17     People who chew with their mouth open

12:20    Gluten in communion wafers

15:08    Sniffers

16:58    Jim Carrey and Robin Williams

22:56    Stand-up comedians who aren’t funny

23:41    Window seats on airplanes when an engine explodes

25:06    William Shatner

25:59    Throat clearers

28:43    Jersey Shore

30:18    IRS website crash

32:16    Confession booths on reality shows

33:37    Amish Mafia and Mob Wives

34:58    Fran Drescher

36:26    People who attack their computer keyboard

37:50    Seat hogs on the train

43:24 .  People getting WiFi for FB Live during an airplane emergency

45:18    Frank and Lori come to an annoying conclusion

46:28    Wrapping up TWFA

48:22    END

Music in this episode:

There’s a Bee in my Bonnet, Hello! by Nutmeg is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial License. Music sourced from Free Music Archive.


Connecticut Curmudgeons in Bea Athur’s Skort

We all get annoyed. For example, we asked some friends what annoys them and in a matter of a couple hours we had a list of more than 100 items. Here’s a sampling:

  • People who drive under the speed limit. Do you even deserve a license if you’re not going at least 5-7 over?!?!
  • People who chew or slurp in my general area
  • Clutter
  • People who leave their grocery carriages in the parking lot next to my car!! Or any car!
  • I rode in an actual cab the other day and was pretty astonished when he told me I still needed to pay as I was getting out of the car
  • People who clear their throats like an old man. Makes me gag every time.
  • People who back into parking spots. Like it’s some kind of special skill. Look at me I’m gonna get out of this parking spot 2 seconds faster than you. Just pull in you Fn dipshit
  • When the server at our favorite breakfast place brings my cup of coffee holding it around the top of the cup……use the handle!!

Now, imagine you had the time to talk about it. That’s what we’re doing.